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Task 4: Mission, Vision, & Values Workbook

Take everything you have done in the previous phases and put it all together to give the most simple statements to explain your mission, vision, and values.


Your Vision Statement

A vision statement explains what your product/service does and would look like in the future.

Example: "To build a community of soap lovers in Compton, by providing the best handmade bars soaps at the best possible prices."

Your Mission Statement

The mission statement explains why your business exists and its goals and objectives. It is different from a vision statement in that it statements objectives, while a vision statement describes the imagined future position of a company.

Example: "Our mission is to create healthy, high quality and accessible personal care products. By making small batches of organic soaps using simple ingredients, today we meet the need for an eco-friendly planet."

Your Values

The values of your business are important as they are supported by principles. What do you stand by? What are the values to have that will spill over into your business?

Example: "Honesty and truth, love and generosity, and dignity are at the core of our brand."

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