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The Ideation Phase: the first step in starting a creative business

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Complete the following steps using a notebook, or poster board, or use the customizable Business Planning worksheets.



As a creative, you may think about selling, but simply don't know how to start. Let's face it, 10 years ago artists who took advantage of the new wave of social media marketing had an advantage, but now the competition is so high that you have to find innovative ways to stand out. This is where you need to have a plan.

Mental health is important when setting forth major life decisions. You cannot achieve success unless you do some major emotional, social, and physical de-cluttering.

Before you begin any major project, it is important to get yourself ready. Get a journal, take a look in the mirror, and answer the following questions: Who am I? What am I doing? Am I willing to make the necessary personal, financial, social sacrifices? Can I accomplish this goal in a timely manner? Who will be my support system or what if I have no support system?

Once you answer these questions, move on to the Ideation Phase.

The ideation phase of business development is crucial. It is the foundation of your entrepreneurial existence.

There are 3 steps with the Ideation Phase:

  1. Ask yourself essential questions.

  2. Create a mind map.

  3. Create an empathy map.

An empathy map is a visual chart representing the ideal target customer of your specific product or service. The questions when creating this form of a customer profile include:

  • What do they THINK and FEEL?

  • What do they SEE?

  • What do they SAY & DO?

  • What do they HEAR?

Once you have completed these tasks using our FREE workbook, CONGRATS, you have just completed the foundational task in business creation!

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