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7 Design Tips for Creating an African Decor Sanctuary

This year, spring cleaning has taken an extra special role in our lives. Since most of us are stuck at home, an essential part of our everyday lives has been creating comfortable, functional spaces in our homes. From creating offices to reorganizing playrooms, new decor may have become your best friend.

Home should be a place of peace and tranquility - even in times of panic and uncertainty. There's something about an interior design project that is both therapeutic and innovative.

Here are a few things that can help you to create the perfect space with just little effort.

1. Handmade African Baskets

One thing I love about African baskets is than you can't have enough of them! Throwing the most miscellaneous items into these baskets can give the feeling of a superior organization. The bold prints and colors of these baskets are perfect for any home. Replacing your old laundry baskets, toy bins, and planters with African baskets is both eco-friendly and cost-effective, as these durable beauties can last for years to come!

Types of African baskets: Small Baskets, Lidded Baskets, Plates & Bowls, Floor Baskets, Planters, Pet Beds, Vases, boxes,

2. Throw Pillows

African print throw pillows are great if you don't have the budget to make a total transformation but still want a quick change. The fun thing about throw pillows is that you can mix-and-match patterns and colors. Order pillows from your favorite shop, or participate in a DIY project - it's your choice!

3. Wall Art

Depending on the size of your room, you should consider hanging art on the walls. From posters to masks to mirrors, some of the best home decor hangs above your head. Framing photographs or children's art can create a warm, welcoming environment. You don't always have to reach for a can of paint to make your walls beautiful.

4. Buy Fair Trade

There are many Fair Trade organizations and companies that work with independent artists and artisans in Africa. Many handmade baskets and home decor are handmade by women. These creations are not only eco-friendly, they provide a livelihood for artists who otherwise may not be able to make a living from their unmatchable talents.

The baskets in our shop are sourced through Fair Trade organizations that provide women with regular employment. Make your home look beautiful while also supporting entrepreneurship in Africa.

5. Thrifting

It may be difficult to find good products at a low cost, and sometimes buying fair trade can be costly. The thrift shop can be your best friend, and now you can shop for your favorite second or third-hand products online. A good antique lamp or chest can add be a great addition to your design project. Try Etsy or eBay for access to unique vintage furniture and home goods.

6. Handmade Textiles

A good piece of cloth can go a long way! You can use hand made textiles such an adinkra or bogolanfini (mudcloth) as throws, table runners, or even wall tapestries. Leftover cloth can also be used to make your own custom pillows or coasters. Even though they can be a little costly, handmade textiles such as mudcloth and Kuba are long-lasting, durable, and age like fine wine. Each piece literally tells a story and can be a conversation piece in any home.

7. Houseplants

Houseplants make the best home decor. They are cost-effective and can create an at-home oasis for any 'green thumb'. The local farmer's market and home store have plants available for each season. Use small baskets as planters to add a splash style to any interior design project.

You can purchase the African home decor featured in this blog at

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