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4 African Print Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and while it may look different this year for your family, you can still spread love and #BuyBlack with the perfect gift.

1. Stationary

Quarantine has been a stressful and uncertain time for so many families. You great way to relieve stress is through journal writing. Cool stationary is not only nice to look at, it can lift needy spirits. Send a card or add some stickers to your MacBook!

2. Home Decor

Gift a loved one - or YOURSELF! Our sanctuaries are more important than ever this year! Creating a safe, calm, comfortable space is always important. Add a few baskets to an empty corner, place the kinara on a new African print table runner or mat, or add some inspirational drinkware to your morning tea or coffee routine.

3. Gift Boxes & Subscriptions

The subscription box has made great strides in the past five years. We are excited to be re-introducing the Black Love Box to our customers, filled with customer favorites and special seasonal products. This makes the perfect gift for someone who loves African prints, but you are not quite sure what to get them, OR for someone who deserves a whole lot of love!

4. Gift Cards

The gift card can be such a stress reliever, especially if you are shopping for someone who is picky. Give the gift of a gift card from a small business, so that your giftee may explore new products and brands!

Our shop is open and ready to provide necessary gifts and home decor this holiday season!

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