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I am a graphic artist, crafter and educator based in Philadelphia, PA. My areas of expertise include surface pattern design, educational research & brand development. 

My Work 

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Hand-Painting & Block Print 

Many of the techniques used in my work include traditional African textile designs, including adinkra block printing and mudcloth design application. 


Graphic Patterns

Many of my favorite prints and systems have found themselves in graphic form. Many of the graphic patterns I create make their way onto merchandise and marketing materials.

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The research I do ensures that the products I create are not only unique, but celebrate my cultural heritage. 


Branding + Packaging

What could be more beautiful than packaging that is professional, accessible, and conscious?

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Website Design

The complicated work of designing a website using a drag-and-drop program is making your site NOT look it came from a template.

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Social Media

I love to create! A good social media presence starts with an idea. My work allows for ideas to manifest into colorful, bold, and interesting graphics.

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Educational Resources

As an urban educator, I enjoy doing research. Much of my work includes creating math resources which incorporate West African adinkra symbols.


African Symbology

One of the most beautiful things about African textile design are the endless symbols printed, painted, or stamped onto fabric. These symbols are powerful and hold great meaning.